A Ph.D. position in experimental fluid mechanics is offered at Coventry University (UK). The project is aimed at reproducing convection under a magnetic field in the so called “tangent cylinder” region of the Earth’s liquid core, in controlled laboratory conditions. This problem of fundamental research is of crucial importance in understanding both the morphology and the dynamics of the Earth’s magnetic field. The successful completion of the project will help explain the presence of weak and reversed magnetic flux spots in the polar regions.

The student will be in charge of conducting the experimental project under the joint supervision of Alban Pothérat ( and Binod Sreenivasan ( He/she will be assisted by a Development Officer and by the university’s mechanical and electrical workshops and their staff. He/she will build a rig where the convective flow is generated in an electrically conducting fluid (an electrolyte/liquid metal) on a rotating table, placed inside the bore of Coventry’s new 8T superconducting magnet. He/she will also have to set up PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) and dye-based flow visualisation techniques. He/she will then perform a series of experiments in order to reproduce convective structures that would help explain the main features of the observed geomagnetic field.

Applicants must hold a Masters degree or equivalent with a solid background in fluid mechanics and be specially motivated by the conduct of highly technical projects. The successful candidate will receive a tax-free fellowship of approximately £13k per annum. The project is funded by a grant from the prestigious Leverhulme Trust (

A good command of English is essential. To apply, please send a full CV with up-to-date academic records to Alban Pothérat, Coventry University (alban.potherat(at) Please note that this position is open to EU citizens only. For informal inquiries, contact Alban Pothérat (+44 (0) 2476 88 88 65) or Binod Sreenivasan (bsreeni(at)

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