(from Alban Potherat, Coventry, UK)

Applications are invited for a PhD position in experimental fluid mechanics at The Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory (GHMFL, Grenoble, France), under a co-tutelle agreement with Coventry University (UK). The subject is the experimental investigation of turbulence in liquid metals under the influence of very high magnetic fields. Turbulence is one of the major remaining challenge from classical physics. This work will target the mechanisms of the transition between the two and three-dimensional states of turbulence. This hot question of fundamental fluid mechanics has direct implications for several modern problems such as the optimisation of heat extraction in future nuclear fusion reactors, or the challenge posed by the dynamo effect that is responsible for the existence and the dynamics of the magnetic field of the Earth, but also on the dynamics of oceans and atmospheres.

The PhD student will take part in an experimental project headed by A. Potherat, where liquid metal turbulence is generated in a closed vessel placed within a large magnet hosted at the GHMFL, in Grenoble, who delivers some of the highest magnetic fields in the world. Since magnetic fields mainly push the flow towards two-dimensional states, they provide a convenient way to control the 2D-3D transition, so as to analyse its mechanisms in detail. The flow is diagnosed using advanced metrology techniques such as Ultrasound velocimetry and electric potential velocimetry. The student will be in charge of running the next phase of this experiment and analysing the results.

Successful applicants should hold a Master or Engineering degree with a solid background in fluid mechanics, and be highly motivated by the conduct of highly technical projects. The PhD student will be attached to CoventryUniversity’s Post-GraduateSchool but based in Grenoble (France) with a few trips to the UK every year. The PhD student will receive a grant of approximately 17k Euros per annum, entirely free of tax or any other deductions.

A good command or either French or English is an essential requirement. Applicants should address their CV, a recent set of marks/rankings and the name of at least one referee to Dr. Alban Potherat, CoventryUniversity (alban.potherat(at) Please note that only EU citizens are eligible.

Informal inquiries are welcome, please contact Alban Potherat (+44(0)2476 88 88 65), or Francois Debray, LNCMI francois.debray(at) +33(0)476 88 12 44

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