Post doc position (at University Paris-Saclay, interlabex project): Fundamental Dynamo mechanisms: from VKS experiment to stellar magnetism

The von Karman Sodium (VKS) experiment is one of the three sodium laboratory experiments that have observed dynamo action. Moreover, when a small rotation is imparted to the experiment, a variety of dynamical regimes are observed, ranging from reversals, to oscillations or chaotic behaviours, following a universal scaling law comparable to cosmic field regimes. This makes VKS a unique tool to understand the origin of this scaling law, and the dynamo mechanism involved.

However, the detailed way of how these mechanisms work in the VKS dynamo is still subject to controversy. We propose to share a post doc between 3 teams of different labex, to tackle this problem through dedicated numerical simulations and data analysis. The results will be used to improve the models currently used for modelling of astrophysical magnetic fields.

Further Information: Postdoc Description (pdf)


  • — beginning in June-July 2013 (negotiable)
  • — duration = 1 year (+1 year extension)

Please contact

Caroline Nore
Professeur à l’Université Paris Sud 11,
Membre de l’Institut Universitaire de France LIMSI-CNRS, batiment 508,
BP 133 91403 ORSAY cedex
tél: 01 69 85 80 90/
fax: 01 69 85 80 88

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