Issue October 2020


  1. European Association of MagnetoHydroDynamics
  2. PhD Positions at Georgia State University (USA)
  3. Electromagnetic Processing of Materials – EPM2021, June 13-17, 2021 (Riga, Latvia)
  4. PhD on the Transition to Turbulence in Particulate Pipe Flows (Coventry, UK)
  5. Any Other Business
  6. Next Hydromag Newsletter


I. European Association of MagnetoHydroDynamics

(from Beatrice Collovati, France)



We are pleased to announce the establishment of the European Association of MagnetoHydroDynamics (EuMHD

This organization aims to foster the activities carried on by the MHD Community, bridging research institutions, supporting the participation to EU programmes call, contributing to the organization of Conferences and Workshops, setting up training paths on MHD, boosting career prospects of young researchers involved in MHD.

The aim of EuMHD is to make a system with all the subjects in any way involved in MHD research and development, Research Institutions, as well as Journals, Conferences, Newsletters, etc.

The membership registration to EuMHD is open and, in this preliminary phase, is free of cost. For the details, please visit the membership section of the website: or send an email to


An open online meeting will be held on November 17th at 3:00 p.m. (CET time) with the following agenda:

  • EuMHD objectives
  • Participation in the next call of EU program COST
  • Participation in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions to support mobility within MHD Community
  • Organization of the first MHD school
  • Collective writing of a textbook on all the fundamental and applicative aspects of MHD


To join the event one can register by sending an email to with the subject “EuMHD meeting 2020 November 17″ and reporting the following information in the text of the email:








II. PhD positions at Georgia State University (USA)

(from Jane Pratt, USA)



The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) invites applications from prospective PhD students interested in magnetohydrodynamics, turbulence, and astrophysical plasmas.  New PhD projects in MHD theory and simulation will focus on modelling the interstellar medium using both local and global simulations.  These projects will use new computer systems at Georgia State University, national and international supercomputers, and data from world-class telescopes.

The deadline for application is January 15th, 2021.  Successful candidates will enter the program in August 2021.  Research assistantships are available.  Prospective students should apply at

Inquiries about the program and the application process can be directed to Dr. Jane Pratt (jpratt7(at)



III. Electromagnetic Processing of Materials – EPM2021, June 13-17, 2021 (Riga, Latvia)

(from Svetlana Shchanicina, Latvia)



International conference ELECTROMAGNETIC PROCESSING OF MATERIALS 2021 will take place in Riga Latvia on June 13-17, 2021.

Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM) relates to all branches of materials processing where some benefit could be attained from an electromagnetic influence on the process. This covers traditional areas such as liquid metal processing, metal casting and solidification, induction heating, but also crystal growth from the melt, plasma processes, recycling, separation. The series of EPM conferences was initiated in 1994 by S. Asai (Japan) and M. Garnier (France). It takes place every three years alternating between Europa and Asia (Nagoya 1994, Paris 1997, Nagoya 2000, Lyon 2003, Sendai 2006, Dresden 2009, Beijing 2012, Cannes 2015, Hyogo 2018). The conference is open for any kind of materials processing involving electric or magnetic fields. It intends to bring together people from academic institutions, industry and related equipment manufacturers.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Riga 13-17 June 2021.

Conference website:

EPM Summer School for PhD Students:

Registration is open:


Abstract submission deadline is January 15, 2021


IV. PhD on the Transition to Turbulence in Particulate Pipe Flows (Coventry, UK)

(from Alban Potherat, UK)



A PhD position in experimental fluid mechanics is open at the Centre for Fluid and Complex Systems (FCS), Coventry University, in collaboration with Oxford University, under the joint supervision of Prof. Alban Pothérat, (Coventry University, UK, ) and Prof. Tom Mullin (Oxford University).

The topic concerns the experimental study of pipe flows seeded with particles. At high enough flowrates, flows of liquids in pipes become turbulent. The transition process involves complex nonlinear mechanisms that are still not fully understood. Yet predicting, delaying or triggering – in other words controlling –  the onset of turbulence is a pressing need both as one of the fundamental challenges of fluid mechanics and for the vast range of practical problems where the radically different energy and pressure losses incurred in laminar or turbulent flows have drastic consequences.

A more recent angle to this problem emerged with the growing practical importance of flows seeded with particles that can either prevent or induce a transition to turbulence depending on their size and concentration.  The underlying mechanisms were unknown until recently. The centre for Fluid and Complex systems developed a fully transparent pipe flow device of hitherto unmatched accuracy fitted with a unique optical detection device capable of mapping the motion of fluid and particles simultaneously to make the first breakthrough in this problem of fundamental importance. The question now is to understand how the motions of fluid and particles interact in detail, ultimately manipulate this interaction with electric fields and control the transition.  This is precisely the objective of this PhD, that offers a unique opportunity to use and develop cutting edge experimental techniques to tackle one of the great challenges of nonlinear physics, for both fundamental and practical purposes.

The fluid and Complex Systems Research Centre ( gathers fluid dynamicists, physicists and engineers to tackle fundamental, but also real-life problems involving fluids and complexity with mathematical rigour. For example, aside from its more traditional forte in fluid dynamics and statistical physics, the centre is also developing novel approaches in engineering fluid mechanics, flow measurement and socio-physics. The Fluid Dynamics Group currently comprises 15 Staff and PhD students and runs projects combining theory, numerical simulations and experiments, supported by a number of grants from research funding bodies (EPSRC, The Leverhulme Trust, the Royal Society…) and international partnerships. The group forms part of Coventry University’s Mathematics Unit of Assessment (10) for the Research Excellence Framework. 87% of the submission’s output was deemed internationally excellent at REF 2014. The centre prides itself in its active integration of PhD students in its academic life (events, seminars, interaction with its staff) and provides a vibrant international and interdisciplinary environment conducive to the production of world-class research.

Candidates must hold, or be on course for a 1st class Bsc. or Msc. degree in engineering or physics, with previous experimental experience and be motivated to conduct technically advanced experimental projects. Experience in fluid mechanics and/or measurement technology is strongly advised. The position is for a period of 3.5 years and is expected to start in January 2021.

To express interest in this PhD opportunity, please send a CV and a full transcript of academic records to Alban Pothérat (Coventry University, alban.potherat(at) Informal enquiries are encouraged.


V. Other business

(from Alex Pedcenko, UK)




If you have some interesting stuff to share, please, drop an e-mail, we can share through our website and Twitter:



VI. Next Hydromag Newsletter


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Please forward any information you may have on MHD-related conferences, meetings, publications, jobs, PhD positions etc.

Thank you,

Alex Pedcenko

Coventry University



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