PhD Position @Coventry University

PhD studentship, in an EPSRC-funded project in Coventry University, UK (fully funded for all candidates, including EU and international). The project aims to gain fundamental understanding of the out-of-equilibrium nature of fluid-fluid displacements in disordered porous and fractured media, leading to hysteresis, memory and energy dissipation. It combines computational, analytical and experimental methods (with prof. M. Dentz (IDAEA-CSIC) and prof. J. Ortin (Uni. of Barcelona)), and applies the insights towards carbon geosequestration (with the British Geological Survey).

For details see link below and contact Dr. Holtzman.

Apply here (closing date 27/5/23).



Dr. Ran Holtzman

Reader (Associate Professor)

Leader, Engineering Applications of Fluid Mechanics group

Fluid and Complex Systems Research Centre, Coventry University

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