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  1. PhD School “Electromagnetic Technologies for Liquid Metal Processing”, Riga (Latvia), September 14-16, 2023
  2. PhD Position at Coventry University
  3. UK MHD Meeting 2023
  4. Research Fellow in Computational Magnetohydrodynamics Vacancy at Coventry, UK
  5. Upcoming Conferences on MHD and Related Subjects
  6. Next Hydromag Newsletter


I. PhD School “Electromagnetic Technologies for Liquid Metal Processing”, Riga (Latvia), September 14-16, 2023


Dear Colleagues,

it is my great pleasure to announce the opening of registration for the PhD School Electromagnetic Technologies for Liquid Metal Processing”. 

The PhD School will take place in Riga, September 14 – 16, 2023, before the 9th International Scientific Colloquium “Modelling for Materials Processing”. All registered PhD students will also have full participation in the Colloquium in September 18 – 19.

Please find more information about the PhD School online:

Registration to the PhD School and Colloquium:

Abstract submission to the Colloquium is already open.

Please register for the PhD School as soon as possible because the number of participants is limited.

Welcome to Riga in September 2023!


Best regards,

Andris Jakovics

Chairman of the organizing committee


9th International Scientific Colloquium “Modelling for Materials Processing”

Riga (Latvia), September 18-19, 2023

email: E-mail:


phone: +371 67033846


II. PhD Position at Coventry University


PhD studentship, in an EPSRC-funded project in Coventry University, UK (fully funded for all candidates, including EU and international). The project aims to gain fundamental understanding of the out-of-equilibrium nature of fluid-fluid displacements in disordered porous and fractured media, leading to hysteresis, memory and energy dissipation. It combines computational, analytical and experimental methods (with prof. M. Dentz (IDAEA-CSIC) and prof. J. Ortin (Uni. of Barcelona)), and applies the insights towards carbon geosequestration (with the British Geological Survey).

For details see link below and contact Dr. Holtzman.

Apply here: Link (closing date 27/5/23).



Dr. Ran Holtzman (

Reader (Associate Professor)

Leader, Engineering Applications of Fluid Mechanics group

Fluid and Complex Systems Research Centre, Coventry University


III. UK MHD Meeting 2023


The national UK MHD (magnetohydrodynamics) meeting has been the (almost) annual gathering discussing the latest results, challenges and opportunities in astrophysical (exoplanets, solar and stellar atmospheres and interiors, astrophysical discs, galaxies), geophysical (deep interiors of Earth and other planets) and laboratory MHD (casting, liquid metal batteries, etc). Sessions will address key research topics investigated by the UK MHD community, and priority will be given to young researchers to present their work. With senior participants from across the country (as well as some international participants), poster presentations, and informal discussions, this three-day meeting will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest research carried out in various research groups across the UK.


Abstract Submission Deadline (21st April 2023)


If you would like to submit an abstract for a talk or poster presentation, please fill in and submit the form here. The deadline for abstract submissions is Friday 21st April 2023 (end of day). We expect to announce the programme during the first week in May.

We will prioritise giving talks to junior researchers, but anyone interested is very welcome to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation.

There will be a prize for the best student talk and poster.

More info on UK MHD 2023 website

IV. Research Fellow in Computational Magnetohydrodynamics Vacancy at Coventry, UK


Fixed term Research Fellow position is open at Research Centre for Fluid and Complex Systems (Coventry University)


Job title:                                     Research Fellow
Job reference:                             REQ010775
Application closing date:               30/04/2023
Faculty / School or Service:           Research Centre for Fluid and Complex Systems (FCS)
Salary:                                        36,333 – £45,737  per annum
Package:                                     As one of Coventry’s biggest employers, we offer some pretty impressive benefits including an excellent pension scheme and generous holiday allowances.
Basis:                                          Full time
Job category/type:                        Research


Job description

Research Fellow in Computational Magnetohydrodynamics on Nonlinear low states and turbulence produced by helical magnetorotational-type instabilities funded by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council STFC (Coventry University, UK)

Fixed term (end date 31st August 2025)

Applications are invited for the position of Research Fellow in Computational Magnetohydrodynamics sponsored by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC) (

The project is concerned with the development of a comprehensive nonlinear theory of helical magnetorotational

instability (HMRI) which could explain the origin of turbulence in hydrodynamically stable astrophysical

flows not affected by standard magnetorotational instability (SMRI).

Helical magnetorotational instability is thought to be important for the dynamo action in the solar tachocline – a thin transition region with a thickness of ~0.04R⊙ separating the rigidly rotating radiative zone of outer radius 0.7R⊙ from the convective zone which rotates faster at the equator and slower at the poles. The rotation rate increasing radially outwards in the equatorial part of the tachocline suppresses the SMRI but not the HMRI which can still be effective in this dynamically important solar region. However, unlike the SMRI, the HMRI, according to the underlying linear stability theory, is limited to relatively slow rotational flows. The ability of the HMRI to destabilize highly inertial flows outside its linear instability range is unclear. Solving this theoretically challenging and astrophysically important problem is the main aim of this project which involves a state-of-the-art theoretical study combining weakly nonlinear analysis with the fully nonlinear finite-amplitude solutions and direct numerical simulation of HMRI-driven turbulence.

The successful candidate should hold a PhD or equivalent degree in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics or Physics with a proven track record of producing a high-quality scientific output.

The Research Fellow will work within the vibrant environment of the Fluid and Complex Systems Research Centre, at Coventry University. The group conducts both fundamental and applied research in the fields of stability, magnetohydrodynamics, turbulence and geophysical fluid dynamics as well as other areas of fluid mechanics. In the REF2014, 84% of the group’s output, as part of the mathematics submission, was deemed ‘internationally excellent’ or ‘world-leading’.

The post is fixed term until 31st August 2025. To apply please also include your CV with a publication list. For further information please contact Dr Janis Priede (Coventry University,, +44(0)7557425329).


To view person specification and job description please click here


V. Upcoming Conferences and Meetings on MHD and Related Subjects



VI. Next Hydromag Newsletter


will be issued in the middle of July, 2023. Please send information you wish to be included into this issue to


not later than 15 of July, 2023.

If you have an urgent announcement, we can publish it at

Alex Pedcenko

Assistant Professor
Coventry University,

Engineering, Environment and Computing Faculty


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