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  1. pamir-2024 conference
  2. PhD School in Electromagnetic Technologies for Liquid Metal Processing (Riga, Sept. 14-16, 2023)
  3. Upcoming Conferences on MHD and Related Subjects
  4. Next Hydromag Newsletter



  1. pamir 2024

The next Conference “pamir” will be organised in September 2024 from 16th to 19th in collaboration between the University of Cagliari Italy, the Universities of Grenoble together with the CNRS, and the CEA Cadarache. After being held in different countries in previous years, the Conference returns to France – close to the very location where the first edition of pamir was held in 1991, also with the first participation of Latvian scientists.

This is why the organisers have chosen the location in the proximity to CEA-Cadarache Research Centre, — the Mileade Village club at Carry le Rouet: on the shore of the Blue Coast, Mediterranean Sea, near Marseille.

This will also give the opportunity to visit the facilities dedicated to Fission and Fusion.

The Conference will be combined with the Summer School that will be given on various topics, mainly related to energy.

The exact dates of the event will be given later:  all the information concerning both the “pamir 2024” Conference and the Summer School will be available on the website EU MHD society:

The Conference Centre at Carry-le -Rouet



  1. PhD School in Electromagnetic Technologies for Liquid Metal Processing (Riga, Sept. 14-16, 2023)

Online registration is still open. Please find more detailed information about program and links for registration below.

September 14-16, 2023 (before the MMP conference) Riga, Latvia

Organized by the University of Latvia,  supported by the simulation software company CENOS

School director: Prof. Jānis Priede (Coventry University / University of Latvia)

Description: The school will focus on numerical modelling and simulation of electromagnetic technologies for industrial liquid metal processing. It is relevant for students and industry engineers specializing in liquid metal technologies looking to learn practical approaches for computer modelling in the relevant area. Following keynote speeches by field experts from academia and industry, the school will provide a student with a shortcut to theoretical and practical knowledge in modelling electromagnetic stirring. On the last day of the school, the CENOS company will organize a hands-on training for the specialized electromagnetic stirring simulation software. The training aims to take students from ‘zero to hero’ without prior simulation experience. This event is also designed to be an ideal training ground for industry engineers.

Participation fees:

  • for PhD students (sponsored) – EUR 300 (invoice issued upon request)

The participation fee covers:

  • Full participation in the PhD school, including hands-on software training.
  • Coffee breaks and lunch.
  • Software trial license for 2 months (for industry engineers).
  • Sunday Social Program.
  • Full participation in MMP conference.

The breakdown of the agenda:

Day 1 (Thursday)


  1. Jānis Priede, ‘An Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics’
  2. Mihails Ščepanskis, ‘Science turned into software business’

The Round of Self-Introductions

Practical/demonstration (Institute of Physics, Institute of Numerical Modeling)

Day 2 (Friday)


  1. Andrew Kao, ‘Simulation of solidification with external magnetic fields’
  2. Egbert Baake, ‘Selected Research Projects in Materials Processing’
  3. Sergejs Spitans, ‘Practical examples of simulation-aided design of metallurgical equipment’
  4. Vadims Geža, ‘Introduction into numerical modeling of liquid metal stirrers and pumps’

Assignment of individual projects

Day 3 (Saturday)

  • Introduction to CENOS Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Stirring and Pumping software
  • Practical tips and hacks for time-efficient simulation of real industrial problems
  • Practical software training and work on individual simulation projects



  1. Upcoming Conferences and Meetings on MHD and Related Subjects



  1. Next Hydromag Newsletter

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