MHD Thermofluids Group

UCLA / Fusion Science & Technology Center

Group Leader: Sergey Smolentsev, Senior Researcher (sergey(at)

The group has currently two senior scientists, one junior scientist, one postdoctoral researcher, engineer and four Ph.D. students
Key activities: experimental and computational studies of LM MHD flows coupled with heat and mass transfer (corrosion, tritium transport) as applied to fusion cooling applications, such as LM blankets, including blanket design and analysis.

Recent Ph.D. completions:

  • Sheida Saeidi on “Study of MHD Corrosion and Transport of Corrosion Products of Ferritic/Martensitic Steels in the Flowing PbLi and its Application to Fusion Blanket” (2014),
  • Naveen Vetcha on “Study of Instability and Transition in MHD Flows as Applied to Liquid Metal Blankets” (2012)